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50 yo Mature wife breasts


Rating: 3.18    (140 votes cast)

Mature wife’s breasts – what do you think?

IMG_0475.JPG (34 KB)

(Wife pic request removal)

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4 Responses to “50 yo Mature wife breasts”

  1. J R said:share?
  2. J R said:she like to be shared?
  3. dd.eddie said:50, full, and HOT! And after sucking her tits i want to do a body shot out of her belly button
  4. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said:nice nips very sexy please post another!!! Very sexy would love to cum all over them

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Mature Wife Breasts


Rating: 2.96    (266 votes cast)

My wife and her breasts – what do you think?

IMG_1013.JPG (33 KB)

(Wife pic request removal)

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10 Responses to “Mature Wife Breasts”

  1. rj said:want to see those hot holes u got
  2. rj said:want to see your pussy and asshole would love to eat and fuck both.
  3. Crasyfishin@yahoo.com said:Nice body
  4. Christina said:I love her body, very sexy
  5. Funseeker123@mail.com said:I think they are amazing!
  6. dd.eddie said:Christina, isnt a full woman beautiful and desireable? Sure is to me! No age limit either. She’s sexy
  7. Christina said:I like the hips and thighs
  8. WOODY said:whats not to like i would fuck you hard love the curves
  9. dd.eddie said:If you weent around and she was trolling; I’d give her a go.
  10. csunmsu@gmail.com said:I think they are incredible. Could she teach me some things?

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Redhead wife big tits


Rating: 3.84    (374 votes cast)

Who wants to suck on my wife’s tits?

15118892111_471b87ecb4.jpg (59 KB)

(Wife pic request removal)

Posted by: Rate my Wife | Category: Amateur Wives

17 Responses to “Redhead wife big tits”

  1. phlipper said:i would love to put my cock rite between them nice boobs
  2. J R said:post more! lean forward let’em HANG wow! 10
  3. J R said:beautiful shes a 10 starz awesome boobs n lips! she like 2 coks?
  4. ronj9876@yahoo.com said:Damn baby! Could never get enough of you!
  5. rj327275@aol.com said:I LOVE REDHEADS!!! SEXY!! ;-)
  6. ronj9876@yahoo.com said:You are made for fucking – hot as hell!
  7. musicmaker1988@comcast.net said:Love them………..would love a picture of them both frontal, musicmaker1988@comcast.net
  8. Anonymous said:Perfect score! More! More! Please?
  9. Rig said:Smoking hot. Now that we have seen her hot ass and tits let’s see her pussy
  10. bhubb said:perfect tits and ass i wanna lick that ass to the pussy would love to see more at bhubb03@yahoo.Com
  11. bhubb said:damn you got nice tits and a perfect ass show more at bhubb03@yahoo.com would love to see more of that perfect body
  12. Funseeker123@mail.com said:Not only do I want to suck them, I would love to fuck them. Let’s see more. funseeker123@mail.com
  13. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said:Wow!!! You totally are the “complete” package!!!!
  14. grousebn@gmail.com said:Yes I Want too Suck Your Beautiful Wife’s Beautiful Pair of Man Melting TiTTies…!!!
  15. 00buck69@gmail.com said:holy shit I do
  16. dd.eddie said:WOW looks like they can service 4 of us at a time and we wouldnt be able to see eachother. More plz! :D
  17. apple.fritter31@outlook.com said:I’ll take care of that i love redheads there my fav! swap me pics apple.fritter31@outlook.com

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Redhead wife with nice ass


Rating: 3.92    (368 votes cast)

This is my hot redhead wife on all fours.

14795930978_26ee8ff190.jpg (80 KB)

(Wife pic request removal)

Posted by: Rate my Wife | Category: Amateur Wives

20 Responses to “Redhead wife with nice ass”

  1. Timmy14714 @hotmail.com said:Sexy pic
  2. Barry said:fuck that all day long
  3. J R said:keep a man home! cok that daily..beautiful 10
  4. rj said:want to go in halfs on a baby if so i i got a 9 inch gun u can make go off.
  5. ronj9876@yahoo.com said:I just keep cummin’ back to this hot redhead over and over
  6. ronj9876@yahoo.com said:Red head, big tits, fine ass and sweet pussy – what more could a man want? Hot as hell!
  7. Dave said:She’s ready to take me in deep
  8. LoveMeSomeCurves! said:Great Ass & Thighs!!
  9. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk said:Lets see this redhead in my emails
  10. z05072010@yahoo.com said:can I slide my long cock in her with her in that position can she take a 9″ all the way in I wanna see more of her pics z0507201
  11. Funseeker123@mail.com said:Nice ass and pussy! Love the red hair too. Would love to see more. funseeker123@mail.com
  12. Rude boy said:Would fuck to cum up that pussy.
  13. harleymarine69@yahoo.com said:awesome pic…inbox me moren we can trade?… harleymarine69@yahoo. com
  14. harleymarine69@yahoo.com said:awrsome pic….love her pic…how about we treade some pics. harleymarine69@yahoo.com
  15. tazzed42@gmail.com said:Well, she’s got my cock nice and hard. stunning shot.
  16. 00buck69@gmail.com said:very sexy & hot
  17. dd.eddie said:WOW, even more amazing here..! Gorgeous! still want more.. :D
  18. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk said:Peachy!!
  19. apple.fritter31@outlook.com said:sexy sexy sexy! i want to see more!
  20. steelie2014@hotmail.com said:perfect!

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my wifes post smashed pussy


Rating: 3.76    (221 votes cast)

Want to see how my wife pussy looks after being stretched by a 10inch or bigger

01postrevised.jpg (75 KB)

(Wife pic request removal)

Posted by: Rate my Wife | Category: Wife Pussy

3 Responses to “my wifes post smashed pussy”

  1. dd.eddie said:I am bull headed.. lol. Well i would definitely love to fluff her nice and wet with my tongue. Looks delicious
  2. 6996horney@gmail.com said:sorry eddie, sounds kinky but not looking for that at this moment. we just want a bull to beat it up while I watch
  3. dd.eddie said:I have a very small head, my i attmept to go up inside her face first?

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wife big nipples


Rating: 3.38    (186 votes cast)

My wifes fun bags

04post.jpg (65 KB)

(Wife pic request removal)

Posted by: Rate my Wife | Category: Wife Tits

4 Responses to “wife big nipples”

  1. 6996horney@gmail.com said:We are in Canada also Woody. we are down for some pix exchanges
  2. yddadolf@gmail.com said:I think I have a thing for Asia fits now, would love to see more in my inbox
  3. WOODY said:love thick ladys want to x-change pics i am in canada . woody4750@gmail.com
  4. dd.eddie said:very nice fun potential seen

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